We meet on Mondays at 7PM in HEB (CVE) 104 starting 9/18/17. Join us!

We began our Nicaragua project in 2014 in a community called Los Chaguites. The community’s main problem concerns lack of clean water. Our project directly and indirectly affects about 950 people. The NGO that we partner with is AVODEC. Here’s a timeline of our project!

May 2014 – First assessment trip

Accomplishments: took water and health surveys, facilitated communication with the community to understand their needs


January 2016 – Second assessment trip

Accomplishments: took more water assessments, assess what the government and other non-profits have built and brought into the community, discovered the community’s enthusiasm towards chlorine producing units


August 2017 – Implementation trip

We just returned from our implementation trip where we provided the community with five chlorine producing units (CPU). CPUs use electrolysis to make chlorine from a mixture of table salt and water and is powered through a solar panel. The chlorine is then used to treat the drinking water!



We are super excited to begin a new year! We hope that we can get your help in preparing for our monitoring and assessment trip. We will be travelling over Spring Break 2018 and are excited to continue serving this community.