In the summer of 2016, EWB-TAMU was introduced to a potential project in the barrio Heroes del Cenepa just outside of Lima, Peru. The community was established in 1995 and currently is the home to approximately 2,600 people. Tanker trucks currently deliver water to tanks at each home in the neighborhood, and the growing community was looking for ways to improve their infrastructure and increase their quality of life.

In December of 2017, our Assessment team of 6 students and one faculty advisor travelled to the Heroes del Cenepa community to assess the area and uncover the most pertinent engineering need. Along with the help of DESCO (our local NGO) and a few students from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Peru, we surveyed areas in need of better access by stairwells as well as an open park area behind the school. 

After the assessment trip, it was discovered that the community did not have sufficient engineering need and had stairs built for them by another non-profit. The decision was made to end the program in the Summer of 2018.

Photos from our December assessment trip: