In the summer of 2016, EWB-TAMU was introduced to a potential project in the barrio Heroes del Cenepa located in Nueva Esperanza zone in the Villa Maria del Triunfo. The community was established in 1995 and currently is the home to approximately 2,600 people. Located in a rugged valley between two mountains with a dry river running between, there is no water supply or drainage. This causes issues with a lack of flood prevention and potential mudslides during the wet season. Tanker trucks currently deliver water to silos used for water storage in the neighborhood, and the growing community is running out of room to construct new storage systems.

Over the next few semesters, our Peru team is going to be researching and developing ways to improve the community’s environmental health through water storage, water distribution systems, and wastewater treatment projects. The team plans to conduct an assessment trip in December 2017, and we are thrilled to meet the community for the first time!

We meet in CE 104 on Thursday nights at 7 PM. JOIN US!

Every Tuesday in the month of October, EWB will be selling Hungry Howie’s pizza for $1/slice. We’ll be on Spence St. outside of the Civil Engineering buildings – formerly known as Pi R Square. Come help us raise money to send our team to Peru in December! Click here for more details.